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Provider to Practice Owner

Caduceus Group makes it happen

The Caduceus Group

Healthcare management experts that help you go from provider to practice owner.

We dedicate ourselves to equipping physicians with the proper tools for long-term success. We enable our clients to focus on their patients while we build the business infrastructure, but it goes much further than that. We handle anything and everything that interferes with our client’s ability to practice medicine.

The Caduceus Group was born out of necessity. In today’s business environment, there are hundreds of things that need to be accounted for on a daily basis. We have found that doctors shouldn’t have to be burdened with seeing patients and running a business.

We discovered this idea when we were approached by our first client. The client in question required a good amount of upfront work that he was unable to complete on his own. To be able to get into a position to have his own practice, he was going to have to come to terms with the fact that he didn’t know where to start and needed help. We could navigate through these obstacles for him and get his practices successfully up and running. Through this process, a business was born. A business that goes much further than your typical medical management service.


We provide access to strong support networks for our healthcare provider partners through long-standing professional ties that we have made over time. Our network puts us in a unique position to immediately build the infrastructure you need to achieve long-term success. There are no unforeseen challenges. Everything is accounted for when using our platform.


New patient acquisition is the core of everything we provide at The Caduceus group. Our strong relationships with patient referral partners are what drive the success of our practice partners. Our skills in the digital healthcare marketing environment drive conversions that become leads and patients. After obtaining referrals, we convert them into long-term members through various means of patient retention. We are with you every step of the way.


Our client support is among the best of all healthcare management firms in Atlanta. Our clients rely on us for all aspects of their business needs. This includes someone to ask when they have questions and a shoulder to lean on through growing pains and confusions. Running a business is not easy, regardless of the industry, but having a team behind you to assist goes a long way to relieve the stress.

We Focus on Your Business

So You Can Focus on Your Patients

Management Services

Office Space & Equipment

We can help you manage the space that you have and fill it with the medical equipment you need.

Our comprehensive service offerings take you from the solo practitioner to thriving business owner. We are dedicated to equipping our physicians with the proper tools to achieve long-term success, literally and figuratively.

Staffing & Recruiting

The lifeblood of any healthcare organization is its medical and office staff. The medical industry is no exception to the need for a motivated and friendly staff. Dealing with people who are often at their worst requires a careful approach.

A practice can’t operate correctly without the right staff. We can help to ensure you have the right people for the job, trained correctly to increase retention as well as the acquisition of new patients.

Marketing & Advertising

We rely on our partners at New Patient MD to provide our clients with practice growth solutions through strategic marketing & advertising. This is because of everything New Patient MD designs, builds, and creates starts with friendly patient (user) experience.

From their stunning and optimized websites, print pieces, direct mail campaigns, logos and beyond; their creative places strategy and the latest technology before anything else. This synergy between aesthetics and functionality is New Patient MD’s secret and why we trust our clients in their hands.

Credentialing & Certifications

Our comprehensive service offerings take you from the solo practitioner to thriving business owner. We are dedicated to equipping physicians with the proper tools to achieve long-term success.

Credentialing, certifications, and continuing education for medical professionals are better handled by us so that you can keep your attention on your patients and providing quality service. We can effectively help you attain and maintain the certifications required for your specific field of study.

Your Success is Our Success

Shared Goals

Your goals are to ensure your practice remains profitable, provide the best customer care, remain efficient, and grow over time. We aligned our goals with yours to make sure we all share in the same success.

The Caduceus Group

We’re committed to high quality care for your practice and your patients.


Excellent customer service creates higher overall patient satisfaction.

Your Practice

Increased patient satisfaction creates loyal patients and generates new referrals.


High standards of customer service create happier patients.

The Caduceus Group

We apply our own streamlined customer service practices to your business.


Optimizing procedures on our end keeps your business running smoothly.

Your Practice

Combining our strengths results in an output greater than the sum of the parts.


Efficient practices mean more time for more patients.

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