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Branding for medical practice
We hear it all the time from companies on commercials and other ads. Companies claiming that branding is key. You see it all the time inherently whether you know it or not. You are seeing branding every day hundreds of times. Branding is all around us. Sometimes even unintentionally. Every commercial you see, a website...
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Owning and effectively running a medical practice is no easy feat. Owning and operating a business, in general, isn’t. The healthcare industry is known to be plagued with problems like lack of effective phone call handling, difficult¬†collections processes, and time management issues. As an agency, we attend exclusive industry events, seminars, and info sessions to...
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Although the process of going from practitioner to practice owner can appear daunting with so much to consider, it really is similar to any other business. Owning a medical practice is challenging, but with high risk, comes an incredible chance for reward. The Caduceus Group specializes in all aspects of practice ownership, from beginning to...
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