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Branding for medical practice

We hear it all the time from companies on commercials and other ads. Companies claiming that branding is key. You see it all the time inherently whether you know it or not. You are seeing branding every day hundreds of times.

Branding is all around us. Sometimes even unintentionally. Every commercial you see, a website you visit, and storefront you pass by is branded.

From logos to color schemes to the people and places who interact with clients, it’s all branding!

But the question remains: is branding important for healthcare professionals the same way it is for other businesses? Is healthcare branding a service being provided by local agencies?

Absolutely, on both counts.

Just like any other business, a healthcare practice exists to bring in clients, right? Without patients, you are little more than a series of empty rooms with some expensive equipment scattered about.

Regardless of the service you offer, you should be putting your best foot forward in the community to bring in new business, be easy on the eye, and draw in new patients.

Healthcare branding

In order to properly brand your business, healthcare or otherwise, you need to keep everything on the same page. That is the main thing that we see many local practices not doing correctly and it isn’t something hard to do. It just takes a little bit of attentiveness and effort.

When we first consult with local providers in our area, we do a surface scan of what they have going on before we ever get into deeper issues.

Branding is comprised of a few different aspects initially:

  • Signage
  • Logo
  • Color scheme
  • Office staff dress code (if any)
  • Office paint job
  • Paperwork branding
  • Website
  • Social media graphics

These are not always present for every prospective client, but these are some of the first things that you will see when interacting with a new brand and the first things that should be optimized and branded properly.

Your entire vibe and persona should be in sync and intentional.

As you go deeper into branding, we start to talk about staff culture, etiquette, and more. These are things not commonly associated with branding for a business but are absolutely part of a brand’s image none-the-less.

Benefits of proper branding practices

Lastly, let’s discuss some of the benefits that come along with good branding, and doing good business in general.

Much of the time, results are subtle. You will have to look closely at analytics from the point you started at to where you end up. The stats will show you the ROI that comes with branding your practice. You will see gradual inclines in new business as well as retention and patient satisfaction.

Subliminal benefits of branding

There are subliminal benefits to branding your practice. When someone is interacting with you or your brand and they notice your logo placed throughout their paperwork, it exudes a sense of professionalism and caring. When they see a sleek embroidered logo on the left breast of your jacket as well as those of your staff, they feel like they are becoming part of a cohesive group of like-minded individuals who share a culture.

Whether the client knows it or not, certain feelings come with using a provider who seems to have all their ducks in a row design wise. Different vibes come along with different colors, fonts, and shapes. These are the things we study and excel at providing properly the way you studied to get to this point.

If you are interested in talking more at length with us, get in touch. We are happy to help.

Thanks for reading.

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