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Medical Marketing and Advertising

Bringing in phone calls and getting you noticed online.

Strategic Branding and Planning

Bringing personality to your practice.

Branding is necessary for healthcare practices the same way it is for any other business. Adding personality to your brand with a well-designed logo and carefully chosen color scheme are all it takes to bring a little bit of flair to your brand and make it look well known, regardless of its status as a startup or otherwise.

Without proper branding, you are not taking full advantage of the capabilities that your competitors are. Quality design is being used in every industry to maximize brand recognition and differentiation from competitors.

Healthcare branding services

Brand personality development

Creating a voice and persona to go along with your brand. Even if subtle, through the use of creatively chosen colors and imagery. A little bit goes a long way when it comes to branding. Talk to professionals with experience bringing medical clients to the limelight in their local communities, creating brand awareness and drawing new eyes.

Original logo design

Incorporating current trends and timeless design principals to bring you something simple and original that will stand out on everything from a business card to a social profile or web design.

Print media design

The natural next step in creating a killer logo is to have it printed on everything imaginable. To keep it simple, we start with business cards and office stationery like folders and paperwork. To take it a step folder, we can provide promotional goods, vehicle wrapping, and anything else you can imagine with your name on it. When promoting a local business, print media is still a powerful marketing tool.

Bright, vibrant calls to action

Making contact as easy as possible for potential and current patients helps them to feel you want to speak to them. Making web designs and other marketing materials easy to navigate and user-friendly will increase the number of leads for your staff to reach out to.

Banner designs for use online

Keeping your online persona consistent. Making sure your website and social profiles, as well as your posts, have a consistent vibe a persona.

By incorporating these few beginning steps, you will see a peak in interest in your brand when you show your designs to friends and family. Online, people will be naturally drawn to your pages whenever and wherever they see them. A slight edge is all it takes to pull traffic and convert it into new patients.

Digital Marketing

Get found online by people who need your services.

Creating an authentic healthcare brand is critical, it builds trust in the minds of your patients and potential patients. We are able to help you create this authenticity by tapping into our partners at New Patient MD, who specialize in healthcare marketing and advertising that compels patients to pay, stay, refer.

Digital marketing packages include:

Web Design

Sleek, fast, vibrant, amazing websites that draw attention and attract clicks like none other. Our staff of expert web designers can help you bring your brand to life on the web in an interactive way. Incorporating web best practices and clear calls to action will make it easier than ever for current and new patients to get in touch with you.


Throughout the web design process and after, Search Engine Optimization is responsible for making your brand searchable on search engines like Google & Bing. Bringing organic traffic to your website from patients in your area will help you to increase sales organically, without the need for paid ads.

Organic search optimization will help your brand to rise through the ranks and place in the local pack ahead of competitors who are doing less.


Incorporating optimization principles not only on your website but on your video channels as well. YouTube is well on its way to becoming one of the top search engines in the world. Optimizing video efforts properly will make your videos searchable and get them viewed by people in your area. Video content is king.

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Paid ads on Google and other search engines are a great way to bring instant results to a new website that hasn’t yet had a chance to rank organically. Once placed on the first pages of search engines, PPC allows you to solidify your positioning and stop competitors from placing ads using your brand keywords.

Social Media Marketing

Social media rivals your website in the level of accessibility that your brand chooses to have. Creating a presence on the major social media platforms that potential patients are using will give them a chance to contact yours directly in a  way that they feel comfortable with, generating leads.

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