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Real Estate Advisors for Medical Professionals

The Caduceus Group can help you find the perfect space for your practice, or create it.

Office Space and Equipment

Optimizing your space for profitability.

Choosing the right piece of real estate can be challenging with a lack of experience. Believe it or not,  interior design principles like foot traffic and optimization of the space come into play. It can be complex. You don’t just have to consider price, there is a slew of other factors that go into the acquisition of commercial real estate.

Real estate solutions include:

  • New office location selection
  • Lease negotiation & management
  • Practice relocation
  • Office expansion

Caduceus can incorporate these aspects to make sure you have a space optimal in all aspects. From housing the equipment you need to have enough space to reduce wait times and see more patients, we consider all of the things important to opening your practice and being profitable from day one.

Building and Architectural design

Building your perfect space from scratch.

Aside from choosing an existing space that fits your needs, we are able to completely build out the new practice from scratch if the budget makes it possible.

The Caduceus Group has architects and builders in-network who specialize in medical facilities. Our expertise guides them through making the room appropriate for lobby areas as well as back office and procedure room design.

Building and architecture services:

  • Space planning
  • Building design
  • Architectural Renderings
  • Finance acquisition
  • Construction
  • Expansions
  • Interior design consulting

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Real Estate and Financing

Analyzing the budget available, and maximizing results.

Regardless of the size of your budget, there are properties out there that will be perfect for what you need. Whether you are just starting out or already established and moving into an ownership position, you have options. Don’t be discouraged because you are working in a high priced area.

We can help our practitioner partners regardless and help them upgrade at the right time moving forward.

We are experienced in identifying sites or buildings for purchase or rent and handling the backend work like financing and acquisition.

Real estate management solutions:

  • Lease or purchase negotiations
  • Renewal management for leasing
  • Office relocation as needed
  • Selling current property & new purchases
  • Property management
  • Asset management
  • Budget analysis & expectation management

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