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5 techniques for running a good medical practice website

You hear it all the time. You probably get 50 spam emails a month about how you need a website or how you need a better one. We are going to stay away from that kind of talk in this post. Here, we are going to be discussing 5 of the key ways we think you can improve your website or keep in mind moving forward regardless of your web dev team.

Remember to blog.

Why do we create websites? We create them in the first place so that current and future patients are able to find us on the web. It is incredibly important, even for a local practice. Google is the biggest encyclopedia of information on the planet. Many of the searches that happen there every day (about 3.5 billion) involve where they can go to find various things. Blogging is an important part of what we call SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When you publish content on the web, it becomes searchable on google, establishing you as an authority and getting you in front of people searching for what you have written about. Seems pretty easy, right? It is!  You don’t need to hire someone to write your blog for you. You are the biggest pro on the topic there is. What takes a content writer 2 hours to write would probably take you 15 minutes. Think of some interesting topics that you feel you could share to help people. That’s what it is all about. The traffic to your website will come with time, and we promise you will be happy when it does!

How often should doctors blog?

Regardless of the field you are in with your business (including doctors), we recommend blogging at least once a month. It is easy to do, won’t take long, and will keep your site updated in the eyes of Google, which doesn’t like to see sites they recommend collecting dust.

Use alot of pictures

In any kind of content you publish (aside from video, obviously) you should use tons of pictures. Not just any pictures. You shoudl be using authentic pictures of you, your practice, your techniques, and anything else you are trying to educate people about with your site. It doesn’t take a whole lot. A day with a photographer when you are going to be busy will go a long way with just one day’s worth of photos.

They don’t NEED to be original

We highly recommend keeping images on the site original when you can; even if it means whipping out your iPhone, but it isn’t necessary. There are sites out there where you can buy and download plans for stock images pretty easily. Shutterstock and Adobe Stock have great marketplaces for this.

Keep your information up to date (NAP)

This one is pretty much a no brainer, but not when you consider the number of places on the web your information ends up reaching. Especially if you have a marketing team working on your site, your information will (hopefully) be all over the place, in nearly every nook and cranny of the web relative to your field. But remember, with great searchability comes great responsibility. When something changes you need to make sure all of those listings are always updated. From phone number, to name, to the suite number of your practice. Keeping it up to date will help strengthen your online presence.
Running a website for a medical practice
Here is a visual of what your content should look like on a phone or tablet screen if you want people to ACTUALLY READ IT!

Focus on mobile optimization

It’s big news in the SEO community and has been for a few years now. Mobile is everything today. Google is considering the mobile version of your website now and the way people interact with it before they even think about your desktop site (laptops, too). Keeping your site simple and basic is a good way to make it optimized for mobile. That’s it in a nutshell.

Keep your written content broken up

This goes back to content writing, but you should break up your text, too. Make sure your paragraphs are easy to digest. Keeping yoru text broken up with images is also important.


Can you see how all of these concepts are kind of coming together, right? All of the ways to keep your site running and trafficked are prety base principals. You want it to be fast, the content to be good, and people to be able to digest it easily. Think about your user’s experience on your site and how you can provide the best experience possible. Thanks for reading,
The Caduceus Group medical practice consultants

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